About LoreGen

LoreGen is a free library of software tools that can be used to procedurally generate fantasy worlds. As of Version 0.1, it is currently only available for C#.

An accompanying piece of software, LoreGen Worldbuilder, is available as a free download, as a utility for creating and exploring worlds that have been created using the LoreGen library.

Early versions of LoreGen were known as Histories and Heroes, which was first created in 2013. In 2014, the project was rebooted as LoreGen.

About Me

My name is Dan S., and I live in the suburbs of DC. I work professionally as a director for an education enrichment company. One of my major roles at the company is developing internal software. I’ve been interested in computer programming for almost my entire life, and especially interested in open-ended and procedurally-generated games for just as long.

I started working on LoreGen as a way to sharpen my programming skills after going a few years without developing any software following college. Since then, it’s evolved into a passion project.

You can contact me at dan@loregen.com if you have any questions or feedback or thoughts about LoreGen. Thanks!

Contact Me

Contact me by email at dan@loregen.com.