Master To-Do List


Content Modules, Short- and Medium-Term

  • Landforms – generation of geographic features, such as rivers and mountain ranges
  • Flora – generation of plant life
  • Fauna – generation of animal life
  • EurLang – European-style language and naming system
  • Logging/Scripting/Debuggging

Minor Tweaks

  • More irregular ocean sizes
  • Add more edge patterns
  • Update WorldRules class to reflect new continents/oceans
  • “Technical debt” — clean up code
  • Catch up on documentation
  • Add descriptive information to terrains (added for v0.12)
  • Add descriptive information to climates (added for v0.12)
  • Add descriptive information to biomes (added for v0.12)
  • Generation of ocean entities (fixed for v0.12)


  • Moments of irregularity in coastline-land border (see bottom-left peninsula and bottom-center peninsula of this screenshot) (fixed for v0.12)


  • Drawing specific entities (continents; regions) (added for v0.12)
  • Variable resolution map drawing (added for v0.12)

“How It Works” Walkthrough

  • Fix “World Map” section to reflect new continent/region shaping
  • Language module
  • Terrain module
  • Developer guide


  • Fill out documentation
  • Move code to GitHub (done as of 5/15/16)
    • Move this page — issue tracking — to GitHub
    • Determine open source license
  • Exporting of worlds — JSON? TMX? (is this a LoreGen or Worldbuilder issue?)
  • Start email list