Welcome to LoreGen

LoreGen is a development tool for procedurally generating fantasy worlds. The Worldbuilder is a program for exploring worlds created by LoreGen.

Fall Goals

Hey LoreGen friends – I’m back! It was a whirlwind summer for me personally, and the autumn promises to be just as tumultuous in many regards. I’m starting a new job for the first time in six years; this will be my first job change since I graduated...

Summer Doldrums

Hey LoreGen friends — My real job demands virtually all of my attention during the summer. I should be back with updates some time in September! Thanks.

The World Map: Thinking About Boundaries

This is a series about the basic components of a world generated LoreGen. Updated as of version 0.12 Shapes and Boundaries A basic assumption that I made when designing the framework of LoreGen: to create visually interesting worlds, you need to have a system for...